Monthly Financial Snapshot: November 2017

Not a whole lot happened this month. I had a work trip that was previously postponed due to a hurricane in September. Fortunately, some friends were visiting from out of town and it aligned nicely with my work travel plans, so I was able to meet them for dinner without going too far out of … Read moreMonthly Financial Snapshot: November 2017

Monthly Financial Snapshot: October 2017

Another month gone! Maybe it’s just the season, but time really seems to be flying by lately. Been very busy at work so the days and weeks have started to blur together. Nothing super exciting to report out for this month, other than the stock markets continuing their great performance for the year. It’s weird … Read moreMonthly Financial Snapshot: October 2017

Monthly Financial Snapshot: September 2017

Had some extra spending this month on travel due to my sister visiting me for a weekend, as well as purchasing plane tickets and airport parking for my annual trip to visit family. I paid cash for 2 of the 3 flights because I found a good deal on one of them and the second … Read moreMonthly Financial Snapshot: September 2017

Monthly Financial Snapshot: August 2017

Not a whole lot particularly stands out this month in my spending. The only real thing of note is the somewhat higher travel spending. This was partly due to taking a weekend trip to Minneapolis for the GoCurryCracker FI meetup. I spent about $100 on the roundtrip flight and used points for hotels rooms, so … Read moreMonthly Financial Snapshot: August 2017

Monthly Financial Snapshot: July 2017

This month was an interesting one because I spent about half of it away on work training. As a result, much of my normal expenses were reduced because the company was paying for my lodging and food. Well, technically I paid for it and I will be reimbursed sometime next month. No complaints from me … Read moreMonthly Financial Snapshot: July 2017

Monthly Financial Snapshot: June 2017

This month was pretty stressful at work. A lot of emergent work, and therefore emergent overtime. But the market is still chugging along, so no complaints from me.  Jun-17 Comments Rent $765.00 $750 for rent + $15 Plastiq fees Internet $55.92 Internet is kind of expensive. But strangely, my phone company dropped their price without … Read moreMonthly Financial Snapshot: June 2017

Monthly Financial Snapshot: May 2017

Crossed the $150k milestone this month. Was travelling for the first half of the month, so some of my ordinary expenses dropped while some my discretionaries went up. All in all, a pretty average month as far as spending goes. May-17 Comments Rent $765.00 $750 for rent + $15 Plastiq fees Internet $60.92 Internet is … Read moreMonthly Financial Snapshot: May 2017

Monthly Financial Snapshot: April 2017

Pretty good business progress this month. It’s chugging along without too much additional effort at this point. Still not quite profitable yet, but it’s getting there. At current rate, will break even sometime in September/October and with any luck will score some profits in Q4 to finish out the year. In other news, hit 2 … Read moreMonthly Financial Snapshot: April 2017

Happy Churniversary, Part 2: Burning

What good are earning credit card rewards if you don’t use them? Here’s how I have used my points to save money on travel since I started earning them a year ago. Since I have focused mostly on earning points, I haven’t had as many opportunities to spend them yet, so this post will be … Read moreHappy Churniversary, Part 2: Burning

Monthly Financial Snapshot: March 2017

Lot of progress this month due to fortuitous timing of paychecks (3 this month), the last of my overtime pay, business income, and a modest tax refund. The remainder of the year will likely look much more ordinary on the income side, so I will have to step up my business income and hope for … Read moreMonthly Financial Snapshot: March 2017