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Monthly Financial Snapshot: April 2017

You can also track my all-time progress on the aptly-named Current Progress page.

Pretty good business progress this month. It's chugging along without too much additional effort at this point. Still not quite profitable yet, but it's getting there. At current rate, will break even sometime in September/October and with any luck will score some profits in Q4 to finish out the year.

In other news, hit 2 mini-milestones this month. The first is reaching $100k of savings from work. This represents after-tax money that I have earned from working which I funneled into savings instead of spending on current consumption. Because I want to minimize how much money gets wasted used for taxes, most of this money ends up in tax-advantaged accounts. So it's fitting that my second milestone achieved this month is reaching a balance of $100k in those accounts. Of course, not all of it is contributions, as unfortunately the government and my company limit how much I can contribute into thos…

Happy Churniversary, Part 2: Burning

What good are earning credit card rewards if you don't use them? Here's how I have used my points to save money on travel since I started earning them a year ago. Since I have focused mostly on earning points, I haven't had as many opportunities to spend them yet, so this post will be considerably shorter than Part 1.
Note that I don't count travel expenses covered by the Sapphire Reserve's $300 annual travel credit as a redemption as I view it more as a rebate of the $450 annual fee, making the card effectively $150 annually. In addition, the cash prices listed for flights were the prices at the time I booked my reward flights, and are based on a round-trip basis (flight price = round-trip price / 2) when possible. For various reasons, one-way fares are almost always significantly more expensive, so listing the round-trip price is a more fair comparison for calculating the value of points.
Also, you may notice that my redemptions listed here are all flights, even…