Monthly Financial Snapshot: April 2017

Pretty good business progress this month. It’s chugging along without too much additional effort at this point. Still not quite profitable yet, but it’s getting there. At current rate, will break even sometime in September/October and with any luck will score some profits in Q4 to finish out the year. In other news, hit 2 … Read moreMonthly Financial Snapshot: April 2017

Happy Churniversary, Part 2: Burning

What good are earning credit card rewards if you don’t use them? Here’s how I have used my points to save money on travel since I started earning them a year ago. Since I have focused mostly on earning points, I haven’t had as many opportunities to spend them yet, so this post will be … Read moreHappy Churniversary, Part 2: Burning

Monthly Financial Snapshot: March 2017

Lot of progress this month due to fortuitous timing of paychecks (3 this month), the last of my overtime pay, business income, and a modest tax refund. The remainder of the year will likely look much more ordinary on the income side, so I will have to step up my business income and hope for … Read moreMonthly Financial Snapshot: March 2017