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Monthly Financial Snapshot: April 2018

Please excuse the somewhat late posting, as I'm on vacation.

This month was another somewhat high spending month, as I traveled once for family and once for personal vacation. My policy is to record all of my expenses incurred while traveling (including food) under "travel" rather than where they might otherwise be recorded if I incurred them while at home, so that I can better understand the financial impact of my trips and budget for them in the long-term. As a result, "travel" continues to be my largest budgetary line-item after my rent, even though I only travel a few times per year. I'll have to take a deep dive sometime to see whether that's a testament to how low my remaining expenses are or an indictment of my lavish spendthrift ways while I'm on vacation.

CategoryApr-18CommentsRent$768.75$750 for rent + $18.75 Plastiq feesInternet$55.92Internet is kind of expensive.Cell Phone$0.00Already paid for 1 year of service through MintSIM. = $15.51 /…

Monthly Financial Snapshot: March 2018

So I managed to make it through the busy part of the year alive and in one piece. Besides work, March was a pretty uneventful month, except for the markets. Market volatility seems to be here to stay, which has the potential to mess up the steady, even progress I had been enjoying up to this point. I still haven't lost enough in one month to outweigh the new contributions and thus cause a month-to-month decrease in Net Worth, but I'm sure that day isn't far off.

I did manage to execute a rollover of my after-tax 401(k) sub-account, better known to some as the so-called Mega Backdoor Roth. I had been putting this off for some time because I didn't know how complicated the process would be. Turns out all it took was a single phone call to my company's benefits hotline and they took care of the rest. By doing so, I was able to move my after-tax (non-Roth) 401k contributions and its associated earnings (about $40,000 in all) out of my 401(k) and split it into my Roth I…

Monthly Financial Snapshot: February 2018

Well, it's that time of year again, when work takes over almost all my waking hours for about a month and I have almost no energy left for anything else. Highlights for this month included getting a stand mixer for my kitchen (more baked goodies = less depressing work environment), completing my tax return (first year filing with self-employment income) and receiving a fat refund (thanks to January's strategic tax move), and losing enough money in the market to offset almost all of my savings for the month. So it goes.

CategoryFeb-18CommentsRent$768.75$750 for rent + $18.75 Plastiq feesInternet$55.92Internet is kind of expensive.Cell Phone$0.00Already paid for 1 year of service through MintSIM. = $15.51 / month!Natural Gas$18.89A little below average. Kind of strange given how much extra baking I've been doing lately.Electricity$22.23A little below average for the month.Water$30.87Below average. Groceries$201.70Above average. Bought a lot more meat last month than I usually…

Monthly Financial Snapshot: January 2018

You can also track my all-time progress on the aptly-named Current Progress page.

January was a really strange month. I deliberately overpaid over $6k in federal income taxes on a credit card in order to trigger a 25k mile spending bonus and set myself up for another 25k mile bonus in another month or two. Since it's just about tax season, I'll be getting almost all of that back as a refund in a month or two, minus the 1.87% credit card fee. Totally worth it for the extra travel I'll get from it.

Speaking of travel, I booked my annual trip to Japan this month using miles, hotel free night certificates, and my massive gift card balance that I bought at discount. Booked a round trip to Japan on JAL for 60k BA miles + $178.86 in taxes. In addition, I got a domestic round trip ticket to Kyushu from Tokyo for 9k BA miles + $5.14 in taxes. My Hyatt and IHG cards each got me a "free" night (quotations because the cost is really the annual fee) at hotels worth…