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Monthly Financial Snapshot: December 2017

You can also track my all-time progress on the aptly-named Current Progress page.

Pretty good overall for the month, considering the accelerated spending I did on travel. I bought about $950 worth of gift cards, some at a 15% discount, and some to earn 10x Chase points during the Chase Pay Best Buy promotion. I value the 8,000 points I earned from that at about $136, so not a bad return on investment there.

CategoryDec-17CommentsRent$768.75$750 for rent + $18.75 Plastiq feesInternet$55.92Internet is kind of expensive.Cell Phone$0.00Already paid for 1 year of service through MintSIM. = $15.51 / month!Natural Gas$19.71Below average. Not entirely sure why...Electricity$24.48About average for the month.Water$36.09Below average. Not entirely sure why...Groceries$129.59Below average. Spent the second half of the month visiting family, so not as much grocery spending.Car Insurance$0.00I pay every 6 months in April and October. Payment went up slightly compared to last time.Gasoline…