Monthly Financial Snapshot: August 2019

I spent most of this month getting rid of almost all of my possessions in preparation for my move. It was a little bit difficult parting with the things that I acquired over the past 4.5 years, but it was also relieving. Now that everything I own fits into two suitcases and a backpack, I … Read moreMonthly Financial Snapshot: August 2019

Monthly Financial Snapshot: July 2019

My final month in Japan has come to an end, but not without some exciting developments. During this month, I had another family member come to visit me during my final weeks in Japan, so I got to play tour guide showing her around Tokyo and the Kansai (Kyoto, Nara, Osaka) region. Because my bank … Read moreMonthly Financial Snapshot: July 2019

Monthly Financial Snapshot: June 2019

Another month gone by in my 3 month stay in Japan. This month was pretty good on the spending front. Since I have already pre-paid my housing, most of my spending this month was food and transportation. A family member came to visit during the latter part of the month, so I did some extra … Read moreMonthly Financial Snapshot: June 2019

Monthly Financial Snapshot: May 2019

My first full month in Japan is officially over. This month I’ve been mostly staying in business hotels (small, no-frills hotels that cater to budget-conscious business travelers). I try to maximize my savings by changing hotels every few days when rates predictably spike for weekends, booking through which gives a free night after every … Read moreMonthly Financial Snapshot: May 2019

Monthly Financial Snapshot: April 2019

There have been a few changes this month. For starters, I quit my job [cue gasps of shock and amazement]. By most typical measures, I had an excellent job situation: great salary and good benefits at a historically stable industry and company. However, over the last year or so, I had become increasingly pessimistic about … Read moreMonthly Financial Snapshot: April 2019

Monthly Financial Snapshot: March 2019

Another month has come and gone. We finished the busy overtime period at work, and I got to do some traveling to see family as well. February and March are always my busy months at work, and I’m glad that they are finally over. I’m also glad that I was able to take some time … Read moreMonthly Financial Snapshot: March 2019

Monthly Financial Snapshot: February 2019

February is the shortest month by calendar days, but it’s also the longest month for me in terms of hours spent working. In a typical month, I might spend approximately 168 hours working, but in February I worked 220 hours. That comes out to nearly an extra week’s worth of work due to mandatory overtime! … Read moreMonthly Financial Snapshot: February 2019

Monthly Financial Snapshot: January 2019

This was an interesting month. The stock markets seem to have regained their confidence this month and have rewarded investors accordingly. In January alone, the total US market returned about 8.7%, and the non-US market returned about 7.5%. Meanwhile, between October and December of last year, the total US market declined by 14.8% and the … Read moreMonthly Financial Snapshot: January 2019

Monthly Financial Snapshot: December 2018

Here’s my final expense report for 2018. Highlights include a weekend trip to New York to visit family, and holiday gift shopping. After looking at my year as a whole, I decided to adjust how I account for my business spending. Previously, I had been recording all business expenses under its own category, but lumping … Read moreMonthly Financial Snapshot: December 2018

Monthly Financial Snapshot: November 2018

Category Nov-18 Comments Rent $768.75 $750 for rent, paid via Plastiq Internet $55.92 Internet is kind of expensive. Cell Phone $0.00 Nothing this month. Natural Gas $19.59 Little below average. Electricity $21.64 Below average for the month. Water $35.25 Slightly above average Groceries $106.39 Less this month, due to travel. Car Insurance $0.00 I pay … Read moreMonthly Financial Snapshot: November 2018