Current Progress

Below is a chart showing my progress towards financial independence.

Current Progress

How to read the chart:

Gold = Net Worth. Pretty straightforward: all my assets minus my debts (pending and posted credit card charges that I pay off in full every month). This is the big number that determines whether I am financially independent or not. It is also equal to the sum of the blue and red lines described below.

Blue = Before Retirement. All assets that I can access now without incurring a tax penalty. This includes: bank accounts, reimbursable medical expenses, Roth contributions and seasoned rollovers, and taxable brokerage accounts. This is useful because it tells me how much money I can access immediately or in the very short term without penalty.

Red = After Retirement. All assets that I cannot immediately access. This includes: 401(k), Traditional IRA, HSA (beyond reimbursable expenses already incurred), and non-seasoned Roth rollovers. This is useful because it tells me how much money I have in tax-advantaged accounts that would require some clever maneuvering to get at without incurring some kind of penalty. Since I do my best to (legally!) minimize my taxes, this line will likely grow much faster than the blue line while I am still working.

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