Nov-16 Comments
Rent $765.00 $750 for rent + $15 in fees for Plastiq in order to pay via credit card
Internet $60.92 Internet is kind of expensive out here in the boonies
Cell Phone $32.88 $30 + taxes/fees for 5 GB of 4G data through T-Mobile
Natural Gas $22.49 Slightly higher than average gas bill, but still pretty low
Electricity $61.81 Two electric bills this month, due to bill cycle timing. Pretty average months though.
Water $43.82 My actual water usage is only about $5, but my town tacks on so many fees that the bill comes to $40+ every month! :(
Groceries $170.89 Slightly above-average grocery bill for the month.
Car Insurance $35.30 I pay every 6 months in April and October. Decided to increase my liability coverage, so I paid an extra $35.30 this month.
Gasoline $38.19 Lower than average this month.
Car Expenses $15.50 Bought rear window defroster repair kit because winter is coming.
Health Insurance $19.30 Heavily subsidized, high-deductible plan through my work. Includes health, dental, and vision.
Other $0.00 Nothing to see here, move along
Necessary $1,266.10 About average.
Restaurants $53.50 Thanksgiving potluck at work and going out to dinner with coworkers a few times this month.
Entertainment $9.99 Netflix
Shopping $567.69 Bought a lot of stuff this month. Some necessary, some not so much.
Travel/Parking $334.29 Airport parking for my December trip to visit family, plus reimbursement to my mom for vacation expenses.
Gifts/Donations $10.00 Patreon donation to my favorite YouTube channel
Software/Games $0.00 Nothing to see here, move along
Other $6.29 More one-time expenses for the personal project.
Discretionary $981.76 Higher than average. Hopefully lower next month.
Total Expenses $2,247.86 Higher than average, but not too bad.
Gross Income $5,246.54 Perfectly average for a regular month.
401(k) Match $157.12 My company matches 3% of gross salary
Taxes $924.92 Federal + state income tax + payroll taxes. Have already maxed out pre-tax 401(k) contributions so no deduction left for me. Boo!
Net Income $4,478.74 Average!
Savings $2,230.88 What I didn’t spend this month. Most of this currently goes to after-tax 401(k).
Savings Rate 49.8% Savings / Net Income. Ever so slightly better than last month, but still not great.
Net Worth $ 101,299.30 Finally crossed $100k! Hopefully will stay above $100k from here on out.

Projected time to FI (assuming 6% growth and 4% withdrawal rate): 7 years 4 months

20% raise is official as of today, but will effectively start on next week’s paycheck.