Another month gone! Maybe it’s just the season, but time really seems to be flying by lately. Been very busy at work so the days and weeks have started to blur together. Nothing super exciting to report out for this month, other than the stock markets continuing their great performance for the year. It’s weird having months where capital appreciation is actually more than how much I spent during that month. I guess that will be the norm once I am fully FI and the market isn’t crashing. I sometimes find myself wondering how much longer the markets can keep it up until the inevitable downturn for which we are “overdue,” historically speaking. Nobody can predict it with precision, but it is almost certain that it will happen eventually. Or maybe not. Who knows? Nothing to do except to keep on investing!

Oh, yeah. I got a small raise at work this month! Higher salary goes into effect next pay period!

On a sidenote, supposedly the Republicans are due to release their tax “overhaul” proposal very soon (as in, probably by the time you are reading this). I was thinking of maybe writing a post about what they propose and how it would affect different groups of people, but it’s hard to write posts about current events since they quickly become outdated as things seem to be changing ever more rapidly in the political sphere. If there is something especially egregious in there that has a decent shot of becoming law, I’ll try to put up a post detailing it so you will know what may be at stake. On the off-chance that they actually pass a bill, I’ll likely do an overview detailing the changes. But I’m not making any promises, so don’t hold me to it!

On with this month’s spending report: