Another month has come and gone.This month I have tried to refocus myself towards being more productive with how I use my time and how I organize my tasks. I noticed that I go through this kind of phase about once a year, but I want to do better at holding myself accountable and forming better habits in order to reach my goals.One of the things that I noticed is that I am very good at maintaining my financial habits without too much thought or effort. Part of it is because I have made correct choices in the past and set up so many things to run automatically, but another part of it is because (at least for me) the concept of money is very abstract, so I don’t have to fight against primal urges as one might with other aspects of life (like eating healthy and exercising). Because money is an abstract thing I feel that it is more under control of the logical, planning side of my mind, so I usually end up making the right choices without too much struggle. I recently read (listened to) The Power of Habit which talks about how habits work and how to form new ones in order to achieve goals. My goal is to start doing small tasks daily to get me towards my other goals and to make them a habit so that I don’t have to think about them either.I am also working towards improving how I organize my different responsibilities at work so that I can spend more time getting things done instead of thinking about what needs to get done. So far it’s working out pretty well, but the real results will show up only if I can stick to the system. More to come.Finally, I’ll be doing some more travel this month, so looking forward to that.As for my spending:CategorySep-18CommentsRent$762.50$750 for rent, paid via PlastiqInternet$55.92Internet is kind of expensive.Cell Phone$10.79I may have found a cheaper alternative than MintSIM. This is for SIM card to switch.Natural Gas$19.34Little below average.Electricity$0.00No bill this month due to double payment last time.Water$34.18Slightly below averageGroceries$166.95About average for the month.Car Insurance$0.00I pay every 6 months in April and October. Gasoline$74.87Gas prices have gone up a bitCar Expenses$0.00Nothing this month.Health$38.34Heavily subsidized, high-deductible health plans through my work. Includes health and dental. Gym membership.Other$0.00Nothing this month.Necessary$1,162.89Little below average.Restaurants$44.70Below average. Went out with coworkers and got food while on the road.Entertainment$0.00Nothing this month.Shopping$300.00Amazon gift cards purchased to get bonus Chase points.Travel/Parking$886.49Upcoming travel next month, plus ticket for next year’s CampFI!Gifts/Donations$50.00Donation for coworker’s birthday wishSoftware/Games$64.17Renewed this domain and purchased a productivity appBusiness$761.48More inventory.Other$149.00Bought some online coursesDiscretionary$2,255.84Above average for the month, due to spending for future.Total Expenses$3,418.73Above averageGross Income$10,091.94Above average due to overtime money and business income401(k) Match$207.74My company matches 3% of gross salaryTaxes$1,714.26Paycheck withholdingNet Income$8,585.42Above average.Savings$5,166.69Above average.Savings Rate60.18%Below average, but still pretty goodNet Worth$250,513.01Finally (barely!) crossed $250k milestone! Hoping the next milestone comes sooner.Projected time to FI (assuming 6% growth and 4% withdrawal rate): 6 years, 4 months.