Category Jul-19 Comments
Rent $0.00 Nothing this month
Internet $0.00 Nothing this month
Cell Phone $0.00 Nothing this month
Natural Gas $0.00 Nothing this month
Electricity $0.00 Nothing this month
Water $0.00 Nothing this month
Groceries $149.20 About average, due to return to US.
Car Insurance $0.00 Nothing this month
Transport $242.93 Higher than average, due to travel / tourism
Car Expenses $0.00 Nothing this month
Health $0.00 Nothing this month
Other $33.99 Mail forwarding
Necessary $426.12 Below average this month
Restaurants $483.94 Restaurant meals in Japan. Higher due to family member visiting.
Entertainment $165.00 Tourist things with family member.
Shopping $942.22 Shopping for family member plus some personal purchases for my move.
Travel/Parking $1,193.68 Travel gift cards and flights for visiting family and returning to Japan
Gifts/Donations $148.15 Gifts for friends
Software/Games $99.50 Audiobooks for a year
Business $0.00 Nothing this month.
Other $24.67 Approximate cash expenses that I forgot to precisely categorize. Mostly entertainment and food.
Discretionary $3,057.16 Above average, but much of it was spending on a family member for which I will be reimbursed
Total Expenses $3,483.28 Above average, mostly due to family member’s expenses
Gross Income $597.57 Cashback rebates, and a couple of items sold prior to my move
401(k) Match $0.00 Nothing this month
Taxes $0.00 Nothing this month
Net Income $597.57 Below average
Savings -$2,885.71 Below average
Savings Rate -482.91% Still doesn’t really make sense now that I essentially have no income.
Net Worth $299,141.56 Back down below $300k, in part due to almost stagnant market performance for the month.