Category November 2019 Comments
Rent $915.96 Normal monthly rent
Internet $0.00 Nothing this month
Cell Phone $19.81 Normal monthly payment
Natural Gas $14.98 First payment
Electricity $5.33 First payment
Water $0.00 Nothing this month. Water is billed every 2 months here.
Groceries $236.06 About in line with my old grocery budget
Transport $120.18 Airport trips responsible for most of this
Health $153.48 First month health insurance
Other $17.59 Mail forwarding
Necessary $1,483.40 Not too bad for first normal month
Restaurants $370.66 Mostly work lunches. Switching to packed lunch will save a lot here!
Entertainment $0.00 Nothing this month.
Shopping $627.45 Last of my apartment outfitting
Travel/Parking $0.00 Nothing this month.
Gifts/Donations $23.77 Souvenir for coworkers
Software/Games $2.00 Useful Chrome extensions
Business $0.00 Nothing this month.
Other $0.00 Nothing this month.
Discretionary $1,023.87 Not terrible, but I can do better
Total Expenses $2,507.27 Not terrible, but I can do better
Gross Income $1,738.11 1.5 week’s pay + 6 month commuting reimbursement
Taxes $288.53 Pension (SS equivalent) + unemployment insurance
Net Income $1,449.58 Not much, but will go up next month when I get full month’s salary
Savings -$1,057.69 Really, really low
Savings Rate -72.97% Really, really low
Net Worth $317,483.90 Slightly up from last month, even though I didn’t save anything this month. Yay for compound interest!