So… how about that GME?

It’s not often that the market grabs so much of people’s attention that it becomes a main story in the press for so long. The last time I can remember this much attention focused on financial markets is the last major Bitcoin bubble in late 2017, and of course that one also didn’t end well (at least in the short term, as BTC is currently at over $37k as I write this…). Hopefully not too many people will get burned once it’s over.

Here’s my January expenses:

Category 01/21 Comments
Rent $948.60
Internet $52.82
Cell Phone $39.31
Natural Gas $30.70
Electricity $56.56 Higher than normal due to using my heater. Wish my apartment had better insulation
Water $0.00
Groceries $547.88 Did some fancier cooking this month
Transport $26.50 Didn’t go out much due to work from home
Health $179.30 Health insurance
Other $0.00
Necessary $1,881.67
Restaurants $149.09
Entertainment $0.00
Shopping $106.24
Travel/Parking $0.00
Gifts/Donations $7.34
Software/Games $2.00
Business $0.00
Other $0.00
Discretionary $264.67
Total Expenses $2,146.34
Gross Income $3,440.49
Taxes -$263.17
Net Income $3,703.67
Savings $1,557.33
Savings Rate 42.05%
Net Worth $382,748.90

Projected time to FI (assuming 6% growth and 4% withdrawal rate): 6 years, 1 months.