Monthly Financial Snapshot: June 2017

This month was pretty stressful at work. A lot of emergent work, and therefore emergent overtime. But the market is still chugging along, so no complaints from me. 

Jun-17 Comments
Rent $765.00 $750 for rent + $15 Plastiq fees
Internet $55.92 Internet is kind of expensive. But strangely, my phone company dropped their price without me asking for it. No complaints!
Cell Phone $62.57 Last of my T-Mobile prepaid, and switching to Mint SIM for the next 3 months ($13.55/month!). If trial goes well, will stay with them permanently.
Natural Gas $15.40 Lower than normal, probably due to less cooking this month.
Electricity $26.79 Slightly less than average this month.
Water $37.13 Less than average this month.
Groceries $151.74 Almost exactly average.
Car Insurance $0.00 I pay every 6 months in April and October.
Gasoline $37.07 Slightly less than average this month.
Car Expenses $0.00 Nothing to see here, move along
Health Insurance $13.34 Heavily subsidized, high-deductible plan through my work. Includes health and dental.
Other $0.00 Nothing to see here, move along
Necessary $1,164.96 Little less than average this month
Restaurants $0.00 Nothing to see here, move along
Entertainment $16.24 Netflix + movie ticket (Wonder Woman)
Shopping $0.85 Bought toothpaste.
Travel/Parking $120.00 20% discounted gift cards. Will use these on future trips.
Gifts/Donations $10.00 Donation to my favorite Youtube channel
Software/Games $47.58 Annual VPN subscription + some games (Steam sale!)
Business $198.11 Inventory to sell + office supplies
Other $0.70 Postage for my personal project
Discretionary $393.48 Much lower than average
Total Expenses $1,558.44 Much lower than average this month!
Gross Income $7,284.72 2 paychecks this month and business income
401(k) Match $194.72 My company matches 3% of gross salary + profit-sharing from last year
Taxes $1,799.69 Federal + state income tax + payroll taxes. Much higher because I switched my 401k to after-tax contributions since I am nearly at the pre-tax limit for the year.
Net Income $5,679.75 Below average, but only because the average has been skewed high due to recent overtime / annual bonus.
Savings $4,121.31 What I didn't spend this month. Currently about half going to my 401k.
Savings Rate 72.56% Savings / Net Income. Better than average this month.
Net Worth $156,438.43 Looking good. Hope to hit $160k next month.
Projected time to FI (assuming 6% growth and 4% withdrawal rate): 7 years, 2 months

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