Monthly Financial Snapshot: July 2019

My final month in Japan has come to an end, but not without some exciting developments. During this month, I had another family member come to visit me during my final weeks in Japan, so I got to play tour guide showing her around Tokyo and the Kansai (Kyoto, Nara, Osaka) region. Because my bank and credit cards don't charge me fees for using the accounts outside of the US, I ended up paying most of her expenses on this trip, so they show up on my spending report for this month. It would have been too much work to extract my portion of those expenses, so instead I left it as the total.

In addition, I received and accepted a job offer in Tokyo which I will start in mid-September, pending approval of my work visa. As such, my main focus for the next month will be completing all the preparations for this move. I have previously lived in Tokyo for two years as a grad student, so this won't be my first time moving to Japan, but it still requires a lot of work during the transition. I will have to get rid of almost all of my possessions that I've accumulated over the last 4 years within about 3 weeks' time, which will require a lot of letting go. I wouldn't exactly consider myself a minimalist (maybe an essentialist, if that's a thing?), but I do admit that it's probably a good practice to periodically eliminate most of your possessions every few years to help eliminate the extraneous things in your life. I also have to complete my visa paperwork, which will depend on receiving approval by the Japanese Immigration Bureau, and then getting my actual visa either at a consulate in the US (preferred) or entering Japan as a tourist (again) and changing my status of residence after entering. I hope that it doesn't take too much time to get my approval, since I'd rather not push things to the last minute if I can avoid it.

Anyway, here's my spending for July:

Category Jul-19 Comments
Rent $0.00 Nothing this month
Internet $0.00 Nothing this month
Cell Phone $0.00 Nothing this month
Natural Gas $0.00 Nothing this month
Electricity $0.00 Nothing this month
Water $0.00 Nothing this month
Groceries $149.20 About average, due to return to US.
Car Insurance $0.00 Nothing this month
Transport $242.93 Higher than average, due to travel / tourism
Car Expenses $0.00 Nothing this month
Health $0.00 Nothing this month
Other $33.99 Mail forwarding
Necessary $426.12 Below average this month
Restaurants $483.94 Restaurant meals in Japan. Higher due to family member visiting.
Entertainment $165.00 Tourist things with family member.
Shopping $942.22 Shopping for family member plus some personal purchases for my move.
Travel/Parking $1,193.68 Travel gift cards and flights for visiting family and returning to Japan
Gifts/Donations $148.15 Gifts for friends
Software/Games $99.50 Audiobooks for a year
Business $0.00 Nothing this month.
Other $24.67 Approximate cash expenses that I forgot to precisely categorize. Mostly entertainment and food.
Discretionary $3,057.16 Above average, but much of it was spending on a family member for which I will be reimbursed
Total Expenses $3,483.28 Above average, mostly due to family member's expenses
Gross Income $597.57 Cashback rebates, and a couple of items sold prior to my move
401(k) Match $0.00 Nothing this month
Taxes $0.00 Nothing this month
Net Income $597.57 Below average
Savings -$2,885.71 Below average
Savings Rate -482.91% Still doesn't really make sense now that I essentially have no income.
Net Worth $299,141.56 Back down below $300k, in part due to almost stagnant market performance for the month.

Projected time to FI (assuming 6% growth and 4% withdrawal rate): 5 years, 7 months.

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