Category Apr-19 Comments
Rent $0.00 No more rent!
Internet $56.92 Last internet payment
Cell Phone $31.11 3 weeks of cell phone while I’m in Japan
Natural Gas $49.54 Second-to-last nat gas payment. Not sure why it spiked so high.
Electricity $23.93 Second-to-last electricity payment
Water $34.18 Second-to-last water payment
Groceries $118.47 Lower than average. Spent my final weeks using up leftover food.
Car Insurance $120.89 Car is in storage for the indefinite future, so half-price insurance!
Gasoline $47.42 Below average, since I stopped commuting for the second half of the month.
Car Expenses $117.75 Car registration and tire swap
Health $8.81 Heavily subsidized, high-deductible health plans through my work. Includes health and dental.
Other $16.05 Mail forwarding
Necessary $625.07 Below average!
Restaurants $161.21 Restaurant meals in Japan
Entertainment $23.32 Art museum in Japan
Shopping $209.10 Shopping before I left for Japan
Travel/Parking $1,203.15 CC fees, travel insurance, flight taxes and fees, hotel night
Gifts/Donations $12.67 Gift for a friend
Software/Games $15.17 Domain name renewal
Business $0.00 Nothing this month.
Other $0.00 Nothing this month.
Discretionary $1,624.62 Above average
Total Expenses $2,249.69 About average
Gross Income $7,474.39 Final paychecks from my job
401(k) Match $115.05 Final 401k match
Taxes $372.12 Final taxes from payroll
Net Income $7,217.32 Slightly below average.
Savings $4,967.63 Slightly below average.
Savings Rate 68.83% Slightly below average.
Net Worth $303,912.01 Surpassed 300k in my final month at work! Hopefully this won’t decline too much over the next few months as I travel.